Yet another WordPress site, unique like all the others. What for?

I’m everlastingly Googling for info on data science and related or not so related topics. Why throw it away the results when I can keep and share them, and maybe add some value?

Also, I have sympathy for people who are outside looking in. Maybe they think they could do data science if they had access to the relevant tools, or maybe some training. Or maybe they’re good at it but can’t communicate the results effectively. OK, maybe this site can help. For hardware and internet access you’re on your own, but past that let’s see what we can do.

There will be comments eventually. I promise to be ruthless and arbitrary in policing them, because this is my site.

So welcome. I hope you find this useful.

Author: dsnovice

Engineer, Toastmaster, healthcare analyst, data science novice, web development novice