Free Linux books, but hustle!

I just found out about it today, and it ends tomorrow.

This material is from Jason Cannon, who offers cheap training via Udemy and more expensive training with his own classes. I’ve never taken his full price classes, but I’d consider it, because he’s done a terrific job with what I have seen.

What have I seen? His Udemy classes on vim and Linux. I learned vim many years ago when I found myself having to use a Unix server regularly, but I picked up so many more useful tips from his docs and demonstrations. The Linux class was useful too.

This one is expensive, but sounds interesting:

What I’ve seen of his Linux training focuses on Centos, which is similar to openSUSE, which is common in enterprise settings. But there are countless other flavors of Linux, along with people willing to argue forever about which is the best.

If you have a Mac you already have unix, so there’s no problem learning basics and scripting. Obviously it’s not a problem if you are already running Linux. But Windows 10 users can play with Linux too, and on the cheap – check into the Windows Subsystem for Linux

Why Linux? You’ll find out, trust me…

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