Education programs

Here are a few sites where you might find data science instruction and a few degree programs, often cheap. Always check to see their latest offerings, things change rapidly.

Coursera – Many courses, including some terrific stuff from Johns Hopkins, the University of Michigan and many others worldwide. Good people include Roger Peng, Jeff Leek and Brian Caffo for R and general data science, “Dr. Chuck” Severance for Python for Everybody. Also has a very popular “learning how to learn” class. Can do classes free but won’t get grading or documentation. Many classes graded by your own classmates, you’ll have to grade theirs too. Life happens – if you get behind in a class, join a later session. Free git class available from Atlassian – you need git. They’ll have you installing software and running it on your own machine, so be prepared – in my experience they’ve done a good job walking you through the installation processes. A couple of SAS courses are available here – such courses are hard to find in this price range and you’ll get access to limited SAS software that you don’t have to install.

Udemy – Many classes, styles of instruction. Corporate programs available. Courses frequently offered on sale. About every class offers sample classes where you can at least hear the instructor – some have strong accents or are otherwise undesirable. Take at your own pace, no “classes”. Like with Coursera, expect to be installing free software on your machine to do the assignments, but instructors I’ve seen have done a good job of demonstrating and explaining the process.

edX – Similarities with Coursera but less flexible on timing. Good stuff from Microsoft here.

MIT OpenCourseWare -There are classes on many topics, I haven’t had any that were relevant to data science.

Udacity – another approach to training, haven’t tried at this writing.

LinkedIn Learning/ – well produced videos on many relevant topics – some good stuff on R tidyverse/ggplot and more. At this writing there’s a free trial for a month, then around $30/month thereafter. This or something similar might be available through your local library for free.

DataCamp – R and Python a little at a time, covering many topics. Sales periodically, can pay monthly or annually. If you take Rafael Irizarry’s R class on edX you’ll get a chance to check out Datacamp for free. Periodic promotions, can get lower rates. R hero Hadley Wickham is here.

DataQuest – Similar to DataCamp in delivery and rates, also offers reduced price promotions periodically. More Python oriented than DataCamp.

Codecademy – Many courses delivered online.

Western Governor’s University Accredited degree programs on line. You pay by the term, not by the class. Much cheaper than brick and mortar schools’ online programs.

Georgia Tech Online Master’s A pioneer. Not bad for that little ol’ North Avenue trade school in Atlanta.

This list gets longer every day and I have to stop somewhere. Do you have a favorite that’s not listed above? Let me know.