Psst! Wanna look at some COVID-19 data?

Maybe you’ve heard enough about this lately. But if you’re trying to learn data science, whether with Python or R, this is a chance to do it with something very timely.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control publishes new data daily here in csv, xml and json format. It also includes some R code for reading it.

This site has some basic Python code to help you get the data and put it into a data frame with pandas. If you don’t know any pandas, it’s a great way to work with tabular data in Python.

So knock yourself out, and let me know if you find something interesting.

COVID-19 model with source

It’s true that all models are wrong, but some are useful. If nothing else about this model is useful, you can see an example of what can be done with R and Shiny.

Click around on the site and you’ll even find a Github link to the source code. Alright, here it is: